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Rob DiNinni is an actor, improviser, educator, coach, and writer with over 12 years of corporate executive experience as an esteemed business development, sales, and marketing professional in the computer, software, and IT services industry. In 2003, he teamed with fellow actor, improviser, and writer Larry Jay Tish, who touted 12 years of copywriting, sales, and customer service experience in the biotech, clothing, and automobile industries. The result was a dynamic partnership of corporate and creative power.

Rob and Larry launched StageCoach Improv to employ their collective leadership skills, love for comedy, and passion for making a difference through the power of play, improv, and storytelling. They successfully enabled creative and collaborative relationships with their clients and talented team of trainers, coaches, and improvisers throughout the United States.

StageCoach Improv performs and facilitates corporate improv training, improv team building programs, and interactive entertainment for corporations such as Comcast, Hilton, IBM, The American Bar Association, Harvard Business School, NCAA Final Four, Sun Life Financial, Verizon Wireless, Edmunds.com, and Philips North America.


StageCoach Improv delivers a unique brand of corporate skills training, coaching, and entertainment from the world of acting and improvisation driven by our corporate executive experience. StageCoach Improv's playtime programs and show content is developed collaboratively with team members who have studied with improv "gurus" such as Keith Johnstone, Paul Sills, Paul Sheer and Del Close. For any particular client program, our team members bring more than 20 years combined experience having worked with the top improv theaters in the world including The Second City, Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade, and ImprovOlympic.

Equally important, StageCoach Improv goes beyond the benefits of learning improv and teaches key corporate competencies in the areas of communication, leadership, sales, presentation, and conflict management. Our training and improv professionals run the spectrum of executive experience including masters in Communication, over 25 years of executive coaching, more than 10 years experiential education, over 12 years of sales and presentation skills, and over 15 years of improv and acting experience.

When the office gets goofy: Improv for professionals

To help professionals work harmoniously and productively, Rob DiNinni of StageCoach Improv has also made 'yes, and' a central tenet of his corporate improv program. "If you acknowledge and understand someone's point of view, you create a collaborative environment", DiNinni explained. "You can debate instead of negate." -Metro NYC

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