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LOC Federal Credit Union

LOC Credit Union

Business Challenge

LOC Federal Credit Union was looking at comedy groups for an interactive "out of the box" approach to improv team building games with a focus on communication, sales, and improv skills training for their annual corporate training day event.

Value Provided

After a collaborative effort with LOC Federal Credit Union to better understand their corporate dynamic and members, StageCoach LOC Federal Credit Union Loves StageCoach Improv!Improv created a "Communication Playtime" program with improv training as the base line and elements of sales training, presentation techniques, and communication skills to enable team building and creative collaboration. Their customized improv training program opened with a live theatrical and humorous rendition of a sales scenario showcasing key learning and communication behavior. The group was able stretch their minds outside of their comfort zone to quickly think on their feet, communicate their story, and build relationships. The group's collective energy and commitment to the improv team building games made for an entertaining and rewarding "day of play"!

"Myself along with the management team and staff were very pleased with the program! I was especially impressed with your detail of incorporating our Core Selling Skills along with our products and services.
- Deborah A. Vigliarolo, VP of Marketing
LOC Federal Credit Union
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