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The GEM Group (now SKI Activation) was hired by TBS to run a promo event with an improv comedy troupe to entertain at the "Ten Items or Less" sitcom season two launch event at selected grocery store locations in Dallas, Chicago, LA and Ohio.

Value Provided

StageCoach Improv was hired to coordinate, secure and schedule the improv comedy talent for the "Ten Items or Less" sitcom's Season Two Launch Event in Dallas, Chicago, LA and Ohio. The improv comedy teams assembled in each location, and engaged grocery store patrons with humor and playful banter to heighten the energy and fun of the launch promo.

StageCoach Improv's performers also teamed up with the principle actors from the "Ten Items or Less" sitcom to further entertain the crowds. To assist promo event facilitators, the improvisers also helped to gather and warm up the crowds for screenings of the "Ten Items or Less" sitcom, Q&A from the sitcom's actors, raffles, prizes and other "Ten Items or Less" merchandising giveaways. From the banter in the aisles to the improv comedy sketches, people really seemed to enjoy themselves and tended to linger around, craving more.

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